Welcome to scriptips!

My name is Eddie. I have been a passionate linux user for over a decade. I started using the open-source OS because I got sick and tired of viruses and blue screens of death.

Back in the day, it was very hard to install apps and gadgets in linux. One would have to spend hours and hours looking for complicated tutorials, which were hard to find and harder to follow.

Since I had some supperficial coding experience as a kid, writing little apps in Turbo Basic (MSX/Hotbit) and later in DOS BAT files, I always wondered why those smart users who came up with the tutorials didn’t write a script to do it all “automagically”.

I know nowadays we have ppa, snap and debian packs which help a lot and (almost always) do the trick.
But if you have been using linux for over two weeks, you should know by now that sometimes theses tools don’t always work or exist. Oracle Java install is a good example. There was a ppa that installed it quite easly, but now it’s no longer available and it takes a lot of work to install.

Sometimes, for no good enough reason, useful old apps are no longer available in the repositories and the debian packs won’t work because of dependency failures. And the alternative app in the official repositories sucks.

I encourage the users to download and understand what the script does before running it. As much as possible, I will insert the explanations on the terminal screen as the script is being executed. But open-source free software also implies the freedom to use it without knowing how it works. How many Android users know how to read the linux kernel in there?

Anyway, there are a few disclaimers all scriptipers should know. I’m Brazilian and my native language is Portuguese (not Spanish). So, there will be spelling and other grammar errors. I will put more effort in coding the scripts than in the blog texts. Priorities.

Even though I’m that guy everyone in the office turns to when the computers stop working, I’m not a professional IT expert. The scripts published here are available “as is”, meaning that there is no warranty they will work and the scriptips cannot be held responsible for any undesirable outcome. All scripts are available under GPL3 license, so you may use, modify and share it (as well as google to find out what is GPL3, if you don’t know already).

As you know, for a number of reasons the repositories sometimes stop providing links for some files (generally old versions). So, in order to make sure the links work, I host some of the deb packs on my cloud. Since this blog maintenance is a one guy project, I wouldn’t have time to periodically check if the links are still OK.

Enough talk. Let’s code.